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May 25

Ron's book, "Casting On Dry Land" is out and it's available here, or in digital format at

Casting On Dry Land is a collection of columns/essays written between 2007 - 2014, covering a broad array of topics, including life, love, health, wealth, energy, power, experience, knowledge, wisdom, learning, mind, money, materialism, spirituality, sports, art, music, food, philosophy, psychology, politics and the government, and much, much more. Casting On Dry Land is Ron’s fifth book, and his third compilation.

Casting On Dry Land

Published by Real Eyes Productions


ISBN # 978-0-9672319-0-7

Dec. 9 - Here's the cover for Ron's new book

Sept. 28 - Thanks to everyone who came out to The Trinity House Theatre in Livonia, MI. to be part of the sold-out Michael On Fire concert. 

Sept. 25 - Dave Alvin and Greg Leisz performed as part of the Tales from the Tavern Fall Concert season at The Maverick Saloon in Santa Ynez, CA.